Audi S1

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Audi S1, skin 00_sepang_blue_pearl_effect_br
Audi S1, skin 00_sepang_blue_pearl_effect_br
Audi S1, skin 01_vegas_yellow_br
Audi S1, skin 02_misano_red_pearl_br
Audi S1, skin 03_floret_silver_metallic_gr
Audi S1, skin 03_scuba_blue_metallic_br
Audi S1, skin 04_floret_silver_metallic_br
Audi S1, skin 05_daytona_grey_pearl_br
Audi S1, skin 06_glacier_white_metallic_br
Audi S1, skin 07_nano_grey_metallic_gr
Audi S1, skin 09_misano_red_pearl_gr
Audi S1, skin 10_mythos_black_metallic_br
Audi S1, skin 11_mythos_black_metallic_gr
Audi S1, skin 12_nano_grey_metallic_br
Audi S1, skin 13_glacier_white_metallic_gr
Audi S1, skin 14_daytona_grey_pearl_gr
Audi S1, skin 15_scuba_blue_metallic_gr
Audi S1, skin 16_sepang_blue_pearl_effect_gr
Audi S1, skin 17_vegas_yellow_gr
Audi S1, skin 18_brilliant_black_br

Back in the 1980s an Audi S1 garnered a legendary reputation – it was the car that would see the brand dominate the World Rally Championship in its day. Now the abbreviation is coming back – but this time as a road-going version: the Audi S1 and the S1 Sportback constitute the new flagship models in the compact A1 model line, adding an entry-level version to the Audi S model portfolio.

Like all Audi S models, the S1 and the S1 Sportback also come with quattro permanent all-wheel drive onboard. At its heart is a hydraulic multi-plate clutch located on the rear axle. Its specifically tuned control software boasts a decidedly dynamic setup. The electronic differential lock with the fine-tuned wheel-selective torque control is a function of the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC).

The Audi S1 and the S1 Sportback are instantly recognizable as the flagship models in the A1 model line. Their xenon plus headlights are all-new while the LED rear lights come with new, horizontally structured graphics. A host of details – particularly on the front and rear bumper, the side sills and the exhaust system – boast more striking styling. Four new exterior colors supplement the available paint finishes. The optional quattro exterior styling package hones the look further, courtesy of features such as a large roof spoiler.


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  • Semislicks (SM)
  • Street (ST)


  • Acceleration: 5.8s 0-100
  • BHP: 231bhp
  • Power Ratio: 5.80kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 241km/h
  • Torque: 370Nm
  • Weight: 1340kg