Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014

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Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014, skin 00_lm_7
Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014, skin 00_lm_7
Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014, skin 01_lm_8

Thanks to the 480hp exerted by electric motors on the four-wheel drive, in addition to the 520hp produced by its 3.7-liter petrol engine, the TS040 HYBRID expresses a maximum power of 1.000hp and represents the ultimate expression of Hybrid technology applied to the world racing.

The transition to a hybrid four-wheel drive Toyota sees the return to a philosophy that since 2007 has been part of the development of hybrid technology applied to racing, when the Supra HV-R-wheel drive was the first hybrid to win an endurance competition, the 24 Hours of Tokachi.

The new unit TOYOTA HYBRID Racing has been specifically developed according to the new technical regulations specified by the WEC, particularly frugal. It requires a 25% reduction in fuel consumption compared to 2013, with savings achieved through interventions on the engine, aerodynamic efficiency and driving dynamics.


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  • Slick Hard (H)
  • Slick Medium (M)
  • Slick Soft (S)


  • Acceleration: --s 0-100
  • BHP: 1000bhp
  • Power Ratio: --kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 320km/h
  • Torque: --Nm
  • Weight: --kg